Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hate vs. Consternation in a Celebrity Deathmatch

Yeah, it's been a while. This blog thing goes in fits and starts. I hate to have something hanging over my head like so many things tend to do. I imagine standing under the shadow of a tenuously balanced pile of boulders, each chiseled with inscriptions like "start Christmas shopping in June", "finish that skirt before my ass gets any bigger" and "start blogging again". You get the picture. At this moment, I haven't even read my last blog post to know what's happened in my life since the last time I wrote.

So I was in IM with Flora earlier today. She was very pleased with herself for thinking that she had invented a new word with which to grace the English language. I hated to deflate her enthusiasm and creative energy, but I told her that I had heard that word for a long time, and sent her the urban dictionary link to prove it. While there at the UD site, that yarn-ball of bad grammar, txt and intoxicated speech, I noticed that Flora's word had been made into a conversation heart. Aw. I was simultaneously enthralled and inspired to rush home and create something else along that line - maybe a little painting or a sketch. Here is the little photo that stole my <3 :

So then she and I were talking about other great phrases that could go on these things, which I decided should be called "Consternation Hearts". She thought "Hate Hearts" would be more catchy but I love the nerdy wordplay of consternation/conversation. Anyway. Here are a few additional ditties we came up with to go on the hearts: STFU, Suck It, Tested Positive, Kiss My Ass, h8ter, Drop Dead, and others that I can't write here in case my mother still reads this garbage. Not that it would be much worse than the confectionary profanity that started this whole thing. So that's what I did today from 11:15 to 11:30. Unless someone from work is reading, then I just dreamed all this.