Monday, November 12, 2007

Dirty Laundry and the Penny Boy

So I learned a few interesting things this weekend. Justin’s kids were over and they are apparently quite a fount of information. The first thing I learned was from Abigail, who’s learned quite a bit in her six short years upon this earth. As we were driving along in the car, she was weaving a continual chain of chatter, and once in a while I would grab hold and give a little tug. One thing she said caught my ear:
“Sometimes grownups lay in bed naked together”.
That was too good to let pass so I asked, “Really? What’s up with that?”
She, seeming unconcerned about it added, “I don’t know, but I think it’s because all their clothes are in the wash.”
I accepted her reasoning and let it drop not wanting her to think too much about it but decided right there to stop doing my laundry for a while and see if I end up in bed naked.

Presidential hopefuls would do well to take into consideration what Ethan had to say. He’s five, and he knows stuff. Take politics for example. He was talking about a trip he took to Washington DC and mentioning the various memorials. What he said went something like this:
“They have a giant penny-boy there, but they have guards and policemen so you can’t draw or paint on it. It’s HUGE.” (Visualize big brown eyes and arms stretched out wide)
I had to ask, “What’s a penny-boy?”
He seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t know. As if adults aren’t so smart after all. “You know!” he answered incredulously, “Penny-boy!! His picture is on a penny! That’s why he’s the president!”
Ethan does this thing that never fails to crack me up. He sticks one finger in the air, raises his eyebrows and closes his eyes as he says “Actually…” And that’s what he did when I asked him why people’s pictures are on coins.
“Actually, you can only be the president if your picture is on the money. That’s why Penny-boy is president, because he has a lot of pennies with his picture.”
His rationale is adorable, but if you think about it, it usually works out that way – the one with the most pennies gets to be president.